List of Works

Angler – For Strings, Slide Whistle and Percussion [2018] [3 ½’]

strings: – 2perc (6 players): (1) vibes, mktree, tamb, b-drum, 3 woodblocks, tam-tam, crotales | (2) oc-drum, wtrphone, triang, 4crystglass, rainstick

premiered at Iwaki Auditorium [2019] and Elizabeth Murdoch Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre [2019]

Frequency Fablesfor Vocalising Flautist [2018-19] [9′]

Recording of Frequency Fables – performed by composer

graphic score – recorded by composer

featured on the June playlist for ‘Making Waves’ [2019]

evaluations – for unidentified ensemble [2019] [undetermined]

World Premiere at MoNA, Tasmania, on August 18th 2019; by James Aylward and Co.

Unity – for Percussion Duet [2019] [10′-20′]

Premiere Performance of Unity by Speak Percussion at Monash University,
Ian Potter Centre for the Performing Arts – July 2019

Gong Chamber [15 gongs of various sizes], Waterphone [Medium], Wooden-Waterfall chimes, 2 Cymbals [suspended and chinese], Vibraphone, Thundersheet [small], 2 Slide Whistles, Timpani [prepared with small rocks]

Project for the 2019 TENOR Conference, Monash University – Clayton, Premiere by Speak Percussion [2019]

paper-boat-compass – for String Quartet [2019] withdrawn

World Premiere, St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Richmond (Melb); by Allotropy! String Quartet

plight of the sand – solo trumpet [2019] for Thomas Saar [under revision]

World Premiere at Ian Potter Southbank Centre – November 8th, 2019

Lost is a Place Too… – for improvising ensemble [2020] for Ensemble Onsombl

World Premiere, via Zoom livestream, by Enszemble Onzsombl, June 14th 2020 (Sydney)

the interference of forces from the beyond – for prepared guitar [2020]

starling sandbox – for solo piccolo [2020]

Recording of starling sandbox – performed by composer

strings to the heart – for 13-string koto [2020]

manufacturers: things that are made to be broken – structured improvisation [2020]

understated matter – for solo Double-Bell Horn [2020] for Christine Chapman and Ensemble MusikFabrik, Cologne

premiere – July, 2020 – Christine Chapman, Ensemble MusikFabrik

tempting offers – for solo trombone [2020]

her dark muses – for interwoven vocal trio

  1. the nightingale – for solo soprano
  2. shapely shimmers – for solo alto/countertenor
  3. diadem – for solo baritone
  4. her dark muses – for vocal trio


chorus of the apocalypse – 8-channel fixed media [2019/20] (stereophonic and quadraphonic also available)

Rainforest-Scape – electroacoustic mindfulness track [2020]

recorded and mixed at Ian Potter Southbank Centre, University of Melbourne

LifeLinemusique concrète [2020]

mindplay  musique concrète/fixed media [2020]

recordings of these works available on SoundCloud – please contact me about usage.

Select scores are available at BabelScores. Contact me for others.

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