List of Works


various in press… = incomplete/obsolete works


Carnavale Pastorale – For Chamber Orchestra [2016] 3’30”

picc.[xylo, glock, antiqcymb]-2hp-2pno-strings:

Fanfare in Flight – for Orchestra [2017] 1’15”


Beyond the Stars… – For Orchestra [2018] 55″

picc.2.2.2-, b-drum, suspcymb)-hp-strings:

Night Creatures (Mysteries of the Evergreen Forest) – For Large Orchestra [2018] 4’20” (unperformed/withdrawn)

picc., tam-tam, 2cymb[chn/susp], tamb, triang, b-drum, gong[sml]).hp.cel(pno).strings:

CHAMBER [duo and up]

Angler – For Strings, Slide Whistle and Percussion [2018] 3’35”

strings: – 2perc (6 players): (1) vibes, mktree, tamb, b-drum, 3 woodblocks, tam-tam, crotales | (2) oc-drum, wtrphone, triang, 4crystglass, rainstick

premiered at Iwaki Auditorium [2019] and Elizabeth Murdoch Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre [2019]

kling klang – For Clarinet and Percussion [2018-2019] 2′ 25″

Clarinet in B-flat, Percussion: 2 Metal sheets, 2 Cymbals

commissioned by Enyato Duo (2019)

riverstones – For Clarinet and Percussion [2019] 3′ 15″

Clarinet in B-flat, Percussion: 4 riverstones, Vibraphone

commissioned by Enyato Duo (2019) – in connection with ‘kling klang’

various in press…


BEADS OF NATURE – for unidentified forces [2018]

graphic score

Frequency Fablesfor Vocalising Flautist [2018-19]

graphic score – recorded by composer

featured on the June playlist for ‘Making Waves’ [2019]

greenhouse, glasshouse – for ensemble [2018]

graphic score – for Forest Collective [performance TBA]

eko-location – for ‘found’ octet [2019]

4 mobile phones, bike bells (4 or more), 3 bicycle-wheels (submerged in bowls of water), muttering-vocalist, dried-corn-kernels (with bowl)

indeterminacy work: instrumentation may vary

commissioned by Forest Collective [2019]

Unity – for Percussion Duet [2019]

Gong Chamber [15 gongs of various sizes], Waterphone [Medium], Wooden-Waterfall chimes, 2 Cymbals [suspended and chinese], Vibraphone, Thundersheet [small], 2 Slide Whistles, Timpani [prepared with small rocks]

Project for the 2019 TENOR Conference, Monash University – Clayton, Premiere by Speak Percussion [2019]

envelopes for eugene – for various performers [2019] for Eugene Ughetti

text score collective

     1. Sailboats

     2. Clothesline Piece

     3. Iron(y)

     4. Thief

     5. Good, Bad, Ugly, Irresistible

     6. Shaker Piece

     7. Broken Window Piece

     8. Fish Piano

     9. Underwater Piece

     10. Wasp Variations

     11. Yarn Piece

     12. Cages

     13. Loose Screw Drawing

     14. Lim-bow

curated for Eugene Ughetti and Speak Percussion

various still in press…


fun-stuff – solo piano collection [withdrawn] [2015/sketches]

orange horizon – solo piano [2019]

inkspace – solo tuba [2018]

forklift – solo trombone [2018]

Ondulation – horn and piano [2018]

murmuration – for solo Paetzold recorder of any size [2019] for Ryan Williams

Legènde – for solo clarinet [2018] for Grania and Andrew

     1. Sumi-e

     2. Pointillisme

plight of the sand – solo trumpet [2019] for Thomas Saar

Sea-Bass Dances – for solo C-extension bass clarinet [2019] for Natasha Fearnside

Sweet! – solo tenor saxaphone [2019] for Japples

devils – solo [C-foot] piccolo [2019] for Jess Farrell, after Brett Dean

Sunken Sun – solo bassoon [2019] for Mia Quist

     1. sleeping spirits

     2. sun dance

chi-kyū – solo flute [2019] for Melissa Doecke – honouring Anne Boyd

pluto – solo oboe [2019] for Ben Opie

point-cook lullaby – solo piano [2019] for Gary and Anne Beadell

gurraggarang [tree-frog] – solo clarinet/oboe/saxophone [2018-19]

various others in press…


three motets – for SATB choir [2018]

Dunt, poem for a dried up river – for double SATB chorus [2019] text: Alice Oswald

for the ‘echo-choir’ competition [2019]

various others in press…


distorticon – fixed media [2019]

Electric Voice – commentary music, fixed media [2019]

voices of the apocalypse… – fixed media, musique concrète [2019]

various others in press…


Violin Concerto [2020-2021]

String Quartet No.2 [2019-2020] for CLAM Quartet

pieces of prayer – solo bassoon [2019] for James Aylward

pont – for ensemble [2019-2020] for Children of the Millennium

pond calls – for indeterminate ensemble [2019-2020]

Chamber Work – for Inventi Ensemble [2020-]

timbrations – for bass drum, two players [2019-2020] for Lachlan Harris

drain-pipe – for ensemble and pre-recorded sound [2019-2020] for Children of the Millennium

For all details on scores, please contact Sean for score availability.

Link to recordings of some works: 

All scores are prepared by the composer through their brand, QUINN MUSIC. All copyright lies with the composer.

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