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Described as ‘protean, innovative, thorough, precise and imaginative’, Sean Quinn is a composer and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently a student at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, and has studied with Christine McCombe, Melody Eötvös and Johannes Schöllhorn. He has written for a variety of settings; from solo instrument and electroacoustic through to large ensemble and vocal works. Much of his practice is centred around collaborative and observational connectivity and communication, as well as the interdisciplinary within performance and score presentation. His compositional voice is driven by a sense of constant metamorphosis; music that learns, adapts and reacts to itself and its surroundings. There is great attention to space, internal idiosyncrasy and colouristic inflection. It has often been described as ‘very lyrical’ and ‘poetic’, but also delves into darker, ‘writhing’ and intensely intimate elements of musicality. Sean strives to showcase the highest standard and virtuosity of both his own craft and the craft of a performer.

His works have been performed nationally and internationally, including appearances at the Melbourne Recital Centre and Iwaki Auditorium. He has worked with clarinetist Richard Haynes, bassoonist James Aylward, percussion collective Speak Percussion and members of Ensemble MusikFabrik amongst others, and has recently entered a publishing contract with the Paris-based publishing house, BabelScores. His work incubation was recorded and released on the Cubus-Records CD ghosts of motion, performed and commissioned by Richard Haynes.

In 2021, Sean is busily preparing a large quantity of solo and chamber works for a raft of projects; including a commission for the Átlátszó Hang Újzenei Fesztivál (Budapest), a large work to be performed by the up-and-coming Ensemble Zeitstoff at the Deutsche Musikwettbewerb (Berlin), as well as a string of new works for various Clarinets for a portrait CD with Graz-based Clarinetist Szilárd Benes. Other commissions include new works for There is no air in space (2021-22), Schallfeld Ensemble (2021-23), Olinda Quartet (2021), James Aylward (2021) and Gavin Stewart/Royal Holloway, London (2021).

Subscribe to Sean’s Patreon Page for all the updates on the newest content being created and distributed as well as behind the scenes activities and pre-release information.

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