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Sean Quinn is a composer, flautist, editor and improvisor based in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently a student at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music under the tutelage of Christine McCombe – as well as having studied with Melody Eötvös. His affinity with the uncanny has lead his to associations with indeterminacy and the new complexity, within which he seeks to expands upon the dimension of musicianship, as well as the facets of music’s imperfection; usually asking for attention to proximity, personality and perception between his music and the musician performing it. It is usually centred around collaborative and observational connectivity, as well as the interdisciplinary within performance and score presentation. He is passionate about the harnessing of the unpredictable and the empowering of the unchecked, as well as the qualities of augmentation, diminution and the contradictions that surround all musical elements.

Sean’s flute playing endeavours have led him down the paths of purely New Music, with an interest in relationships with living composers – especially those emerging and those part of under-represented communities. His personal performance project, Living Lights, engages with the use of solo Flute with/without Electronics by composers of underrepresented communities: including Cat Hope, Liza Lim, Samantha Wolf and Josephine Macken amongst others.  His interest in the dimensions of extended-techniques have drawn him to the contemplative and undefined sectors of music, and dealings with the uncanny and irrational are all but natural to him as a musician.

Sean’s ambitious character precedes him with a string of commissions forming quickly across 4 continents. His works have been performed nationally and internationally, including appearances at the Melbourne Recital Centre and Iwaki Auditorium. He has plans to tour the US and UK in 2021 to showcase much of his growing output. He has worked with bassoonist James Aylward, percussion collective Speak Percussion and members of Ensemble MusikFabrik amongst others.

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