incubation – for solo Clarinet D’amore, for Richard Haynes [Bern] (2020) for CD Project

outside the box – for Trio and Cardboard Boxes, for Toolbox Percussion [Hong Kong] (2020) for TPICC

Remote Friends (after Jim Harrison) – for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Viola and Violoncello, for Ret Frem Ensemble (London) for Isolation Sessions

New Work – for solo Flute and Electronics, for Gavin Stewart [UK] (2020-21)

dark-line; beyond the persistent eye – for Pierrot Ensemble, for Collide-O-scope Contemporary Music Ensemble [New York] (2021) for ‘Persistence’ Festival

senza – for solo Flute, for Phoebe Bognár [Basel] (2020)

New Work – for solo Tubax, for Samuel Dong [Sydney] (2020-21)

nested resonance – for solo Vibraphone, for Luis Azcona Delgado [Bern] (2020-21)

New Work – for solo Double-Bell Trumpet, for Marco Blaauw  [Cologne] (2020-21)

air of transparency – for solo Bassoon, for James Aylward [Netherlands] (2020-21)

New Work – for Voice and Alto Saxophone, for There is no air in Space [Germany] (2021)

katija – monodrama, for solo vocalist, electronics and set [in developmentfor Kelsey Cotton [Europe] (2021-)

feldman’s fields – for solo Piano (2020-21) for Kathleen Supové

the subtle treshold between present and not present – for Chamber Orchestra [in development] [10-12′] (2021-)

NEST [2020-] ~ [in development]

PART ONE: HALO [2020-21]

  1. New Work – for solo Double Bass [for Will Yager] (2020-21)
  2. DreamSongs – for Prepared Harp and Electronics [for Sam Ramirez] (2020)
  3. HALO – for Prepared Harp, Double Bass and Electronics (2021)
  4. New Work – for Tuba and Prepared Harp [for Sam Ramirez and Sean Burke] (2020-21) [10′]

PART TWO: dialogues of diffusion [2020-21]

  1. the geyser of light – for solo Horn (2020-21) for Clynton Royle
  2. New Work – for solo Contrabassoon (2021)
  3. diffusion of darkness – for solo Horn, solo Contrabassoon and intertwining ensemble (2021)

PART THREE: cleare [2020-22]

  1. cleare i: silent sails – for solo Flugelhorn (2020) for Tom Saar
  2. cleare ii: the transparency of being – for Bass Trombone and Tuba (2020-21)
  3. cleare iii: sailing on the ocean of thought and effusion – for Flugelhorn, Bass Trombone and Tuba (2021-22)

PART FOUR: staticsongs (2020-22)

  1. staticsongs i: tint – for solo Clarinet (2020-21) for Szilárd Benes
  2. staticsongs ii: scratch – for Voice and Double Bass (2020-21) for LIGAMENT Duo
  3. staticsongs iii: mumble – for Saxophone, Tuba, Piano, Percussion and Electronics (2020) for Thomas Pfaffinger and Ensemble [premiere: 2020-21]
  4. staticsongs iv: cleare – for 3 soloists and interweaving ensembles (2021-22)

PART FIVE: the meteorological garden (Orchestral Triptych) (in development)

  1. cold light – desert wind
  2. anticyclone/stratus-cloud
  3. moonlight

laboratory of mysterious elements [2020-] ~ [in development]

  1. acid, the corroded mind – for solo Bass Clarinet (2020-21) for Szilárd Benes 
  2. zinccontained arousal – for Cor Anglais, Trombone and Percussion (2022)
  3. leadenforcing surrender – for mixed septet: Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Violin, Violoncello, Electric Guitar, Percussion (2020-2021) for zone expérimentale basel
  4. carbon, the silent deathfor solo Viola (2021)

fungus [2020-] ~ in development

  1. fungus: patch – for mixed sextet (2020-) [25′]
  2. fungus: community – for vocal sextet [SAATBB] (2020-21) [15′] for Divisi Chamber Singers (Melbourne)
  3. fungus: eco-system – for 2 harps and 4 percussion (2020-) [14′]
  4. fungus: phenomenon/the fairy’s ring – for 3 sextets, spatialised (2021) [40’+]

D.I.S.C – distances; interwoven states of consciousness [all working titles]

a series of spatialised temporal Quartets

  1. Quartet_1 – surface (2020) for spatialised clarinet quartet [13′]
  2. Quartet_2 – rage/eternally internal (2020) for perambulating trombone quartet [10′]
  3. Quartet_4 (2020-21) for vocal quartet and talking boxes [15′]

more to be announced…

the elephant in blue

a cycle in two parts + an opera ~ including works for Olinda Quartet, Schallfeld Ensemble, Melbourne Conservatorium, Sydney Conservatorium and more…

part one: blue, not, nothing, wasted [a collage of collages]
part two: carry, sit, umbrella, up [an installation collage]
opera: the elephant in blue

the book of tea [after Kakuzo Okakura], a percussion cycle (2020-

under revision…

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