This page is dedicated to the upcoming projects and works that are incoming in the next year or two!

Stand Alone [2020 onwards]

Morphoniqs – for Saxophone Quartet, for Olinda Quartet [Sydney]

Midnight – for solo Flute, for Derek Jones [Melbourne]

First Piano Sonata – for solo Piano, for Danae Killian [Melbourne]

The Hearth – for String Quartet, for Flinders Quartet [Melbourne/Sydney] – for the Composer Development Program

Fever-Fusion-Dream – Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra, for Adam Richardson [Melbourne]

The Fragility of Being – for Soprano and Electronics, for Emily Thorner [UK/Europe/USA]

Ornaments and Objects – for Concert Band, for the Cranbourne Lions Concert Band [Melbourne]

text-tours – for 8-part Chamber Choir, for Divisi Chamber Singers [Melbourne]

Ocean of Bottles – for large orchestra in 5 groups, chorus, tape and audience [unknown – in development]

the meteorological garden – triptych for Large Orchestra [unknown – in development]

the inner heart’s mind – Installation Community Opera [unknown – in development]

X-tensions – text score anthology [unknown – in development]

Cycles [2019/20 onwards]

Forest’s Mind [2019-] ~ [in development] celebrating Eduardo Kohn, and in memory of the Loss in the Australian Fires, 2019-2020

  1. Afterlife – for Trombone [with extension] and Percussion
  2. The Forest’s Cry – for solo Oboe
  3. a dog’s world – for Cor Anglais, Trombone, Double Bass and Percussion
  4. Strange Trees – for Flute, Oboe/Cor Anglais, Violin, Violoncello and Percussion
  5. Forest’s Mind – Chamber Concerto Grosso for Flute/Bass Flute, Cor Anglais, Alto Saxophone, Violoncello, Double Bass and Percussion

Terminus [2019-] ~ [in development]

  • air-metal-murmur – for solo Trombone
  • youth and trial – for solo Double-Bell Trumpet
  • Afterlife/Resurrectionfor Double-Bell Trombone and Percussion (expansion of Afterlife)
    • more in development

House of Leaves [2020-] ~ [in development]

  1. ~bric_A_brAc – musique concrète/found quartet and vocalist
  2. opaque filigree – for solo Cor Anglais
  3. i dream of nothingfor solo Guitar
  4. Pelican Songs – song cycle for Vocalist and Ensemble
  5. polaroid piece – for solo Polaroid Camera and Performer [text score]
  6. House of Leaves – Operetta in Two Acts [sketches may exist…]
    • more in development

HALO [2019-] ~ [in development]

  1. formidable – for solo Double Bass
  2. DreamSongs – for solo Harp
  3. HALO – for Prepared Harp, Double Bass and Electronics
  4. the meteorological garden – triptych for Large Orchestra
  5. CHARGES – for Violin and Viola
  6. The Geiser of Light – for solo Horn
  7. Yarn – for Percussion Duo

interior [2020-] ~ [in development]

  1. interior/alone – for Ensemble
  2. interior/incandescencefor Large Orchestra and Tape
  3. interior/shallow – for Percussion Ensemble
  4. interior/infiltration – for Winds, Brass and Percussion
  5. interior/Midnight – for Flute and Tape
  6. interior/scintillation – for 19 instruments
  7. interior/murmurs – for solo Viola
  8. interior/requiem – for solo Bassoon

If any of the above projects take your fancy, feel free to contact me. The more people I can get involved in my work the better. I’m always looking for musicians and ensembles to collaborate with; this music doesn’t get played unless there are musicians interested! Feel free to contact me.


(Consider any of the above projects as viable to be commissioned; if a ‘commissionee’ is listed, contact me for further details.

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