I am offering my services as a music typist/typesetter. I am reliable, integrite and thorough in my process of score layout and creation. I have worked with a variety of mediums, including reconstruction of very rough handwritten scores from the early 20th Century through to contemporary/alternative notation amd large forces of various instruments. I use Sibelius primarily for my work. I have my own layout and typist aesthetics, but am happy to adapt your score to your needs.

If you have a project for me, please email me via the Contact page, or to quinn.sean.music@gmail.com – I will respond as soon as I can with my contract. I require at least a month’s notice to complete a project, and depending on the complexity of it, the work may take longer.



A sample from a solo work. This was originally handwritten and then typeset.

Large Scale

An example of a larger scale chamber work – this was originally handwritten, and was typeset to look almost exactly like the original.


An example of my work with Graphic scores – one of my own works. This was typeset from a handwritten score.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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