Text, Graphic and Postcard Scores

As an avid supporter of contemporary arts and performance art, I have created here a collection of snippets of my experience with the indeterminate.

Text Scores: may be used at your leisure. If you do perform them, ensure you document it and tag me on social media as credit!

Graphic Scores: same as text scores. They may be interpreted any way you like. Contact me about larger scale installation projects and personalised scores. Always in the mood to design something for you!

Postcards: similarly with text scores, just ensure you credit the use of them. You may like to send them to your loved ones as gifts, or use them in other facets.

Enjoy these indeterminate creations. – S. X. Q

post, apocalyptic series [2020- ~ postcards

undulation – defrag_7 [2019] ~ text-based installations

ice formations – for Laptop Orchestra [2019]

various miscellaneous scores and postcards:

lost is a place too… – for improvising ensemble [first performed by Ensemble Onsombl]

excerpts from the score – contact me for copy of full score and instructions for digital performance

Premiere Performance – Enszemble Onzombl

captive thoughts – for ensemble and wordless chorus [2020- ~ ongoing project to be done in stages

First Tablet of Captive Thoughts [2020]

For use in the Decibel ScorePlayer – contact me for details on the score.

More coming soon!!

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