Here, all purchasable scores are available. Any scores not listed here but are in the LIST OF WORKS page, please contact Sean directly for availability. All prices are listed in AUD – they do not include GST.

plight of the sand – for solo Trumpet [PDF or Bound Score]

A mantra-like meditation, written to mourn those who live without water. Use of harmon mute is specified, but may be omitted/worked around. Can be treated both as a concert piece and a study, and works effectively as an opening work.


requiem – for solo bassoon

An extended-technique riddled work of metastasising complexity, though latently therapeutic. Pre-order now. This is a handwritten score - composer's manuscript. Includes performance notes, multiphonic fingerings and notation guide.


Angler – for String and Percussion [Full Score – PDF] ~ Parts Available on Request

An eclectic atmosphere work for a large chamber ensemble of 13 String Players and 6 Percussionists. Good at showcasing a variety of sounds and can be useful for students to learn about independence of parts in a texture. Full Score is $25; set of Parts is $15.


starling sandbox – for solo piccolo

A short work for solo piccolo, utilising a sense of choice and freedom under the means of "sandboxing" - or choosing one's own path, based on small groups of gestures. The work is loosely based on birdsong of the Common starling, which lives on the estate where I walk during the day. Composer's manuscript - scanned.


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